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  1. Three Cool Cats (2:25)

  2. Crying Waiting Hoping (2:03)

  3. Besame Mucho (2:40)

  4. Searchin' (3:06)

  5. The Sheik Of Araby (1:42)

  6. Money (2:24)



  1. To Know Her Is To Love Her (2:36)

  2. Take Good Care Of My Baby (2:27)

  3. Memphis, Tennessee (2:21)

  4. Sure To Fall (2:03)

  5. Till There Was You (2:59)

  6. September In The Rain (1:56)

Released by Audio Fidelity on September 10, 1982, sandwiched between Reel Music and 20 Greatest Hits. With Pete Best on drums.


These were not really Silver Beatles as they would change their name before these recordings and at 12 tracks, is far from being complete. Actually, these are the Decca Audition songs recorded on New Year's Day of 1962. And, as most already know, these songs didn't help win the audition with Decca and the Beatles eventually moved on to EMI/Parlophone. So, as it were, these were the songs recorded nearly 8 months before the Beatles would break out with their debut single, "Love Me Do".

However, with all that said, this was a big step in bringing out those Decca recordings many people had not heard of yet. This is the first release of those recordings in an official form. Otherwise, these recordings were only available on bootlegs. “Searchin'”, “Like Dreamers Do”, “Hello Little Girl”, “Three Cool Cats”, and “The Sheik of Araby” would make an official Beatles appearance on the Anthology set in 1995.

You can click the album covers to open them in a larger window to read the back cover written by Walter Podrazik, a guy who wrote a few Beatles books in his day.

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