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Hi everyone and thanks for stopping by. During the afternoon shift from 1 to 6 at KESA I try to give you more of the pop and rock classics, and drop in the occasional twofer, the rarity, the album cut from time to time to make the afternoons a little more fun and interesting. At 3:00 PM I give you This Day in History, at 4:00 PM is the 4 O'clock Funnies and at 5:00 PM is The Vinyl Museum

I've been with my current radio station, KESA-FM since May of 2019 and realized the Vinyl Museum for our sister

station, KGLC-FM in June of 2019. The Vinyl Museum premiered on KESA-FM in October of 2020 after I was placed in the morning shift. An earlier version of The Vinyl Museum goes back as far as 2006 while working at WVKM-FM. KESA-FM was sold to Carroll County Broadcasting in September of 2021 where I continue station imaging, my on-air afternoon shift, ads, etc. There is talk of future projects for KESA-FM.

Before that, I did stints in East Tennessee at; WQUT-FM, WIVK-FM, WEMB-AM / WXIS-FM hosting the After Hours Countdown show for the latter station. Some of my resume extends to voice-over work, station imaging, on-air programming,

radio skit comedy, including varied works with American Comedy Network in the mid-90s.