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THE VINYL MUSEUM is a site based on the on-air / internet-based radio program of the same name. But our hobby for decades has been conjuring up "fantasy" Beatles albums out of solo member albums. These are the results of the many decades of work and all are actual MP3 files made. Some of the covers here in our fantasy world have been lifted from the internet. I tried to give credit where credit is due. If I failed to do so, please email me here at





  1. She Loves You (2:29)     

  2. I Want To Hold Your Hand (2:26)

  3. Can't Buy Me Love (2:14)

  4. A Hard Day's Night (2:35)

  5. I Feel Fine (2:23)

  6. Eight Days A Week (2:45)

  7. Ticket To Ride (3:07)


  1. Help! (2:39)

  2. Yesterday (2:07)

  3. Day Tripper (2:56)

  4. We Can Work It Out (2:17)

  5. Nowhere Man (2:45)

  6. Paperback Writer (2:21)

  7. Yellow Submarine (2:40)







  1. Please Mister Postman [Mono] (2:38)

  2. Roll Over Beethoven [Mono] (2:48)

  3. You Really Got a Hold On Me [Mono] (3:05)

  4. Twist And Shout [Mono] (2:36)

  5. Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby [Mono] (2:26)

  6. Money (That's What I Want) [Mono] (2:51)

  7. Act Naturally [Mono] (2:31)


  1. Rock And Roll Music [Mono] (2:34)

  2. Dizzy Miss Lizzie [Mono] (2:56)

  3. Long Tall Sally [Mono] (2:03)

  4. Slow Down [Mono] (2:57)

  5. Matchbox [Mono] (1:59)

  6. Bad Boy [Mono] (2:20)

  7. Kansas City / Hey-Hey-Hey-Hey! [Mono] (2:38)





JUNE, 1967


  1. Strawberry Fields Forever (4:07)

  2. Getting Better (2:48)

  3. Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite (2:37)

  4. Fixing A Hole (2:37)

  5. Within You Without You (Tomorrow Never Knows) (3:08)

  6. Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds (4:11)

  7. She's Leaving Home (3:35)


  1. Penny Lane (3:01)

  2. Good Morning, Good Morning (2:41)

  3. Lovely Rita (2:42)

  4. When I'm 64 (2:38)

  5. Only A Northern Song (3:25)

  6. With A Little Help From My Friends (2:45)

  7. A Day in the Life (5:08)





(Original Television Soundtrack)



  1. Magical Mystery Tour (2:52) (The Beatles)

  2. The Fool On The Hill (3:00) (The Beatles)

  3. Jessie's Dream (1:55) (The Beatles)

  4. She Loves You (2:18) (George Martin)

  5. Flying (7:57) (The Beatles)

  6. All My Loving (2:49) (George Martin)


  1. I Am The Walrus (4:40) (The Beatles)

  2. Blue Jay Way (3:57) (The Beatles)

  3. Shirleys Wild Accordion (1:55) (The Beatles)

  4. Death Cab For Cutie (2:57) (The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band)

  5. Your Mother Should Know (2:30) (The Beatles)

  6. Magical Mystery Tour (Reprise) (1:57) (The Beatles)







  1. I Am The Walrus [♪] (4:36)

  2. Hello Goodbye (3:29)

  3. Strawberry Fields Forever [♪] (4:14)


  1. Penny Lane [♪] (3:00)

  2. Baby You're A Rich Man (3:01)

  3. All You Need Is Love (3:50)





APRIL, 1968


  1. Savoy Truffle (2:55)

  2. The Art Of Dying (2:56)

  3. Long, Long, Long (3:07)

  4. Circles (2:15)

  5. Run Of The Mill (1:51)

  6. Not Guilty (4:19)

  7. Awaiting On You All (2:28)

  8. Nowhere to Go (3:12)


  1. My Sweet Lord (3:19)

  2. Everybody, Nobody (2:19)

  3. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (3:23)

  4. I’d Have You Any Time (2:55)

  5. All Things Must Pass (4:37)

  6. Piggies (2:05)

  7. Sour Milk Sea (3:30)





APRIL, 1968


  1. Revolution 1 (10:06) (John Lennon)

  2. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me

And My Monkey (2:25) (John Lennon)

  1. I'm So Tired (2:03) (John Lennon)

  2. Cry Baby Cry (3:02) (John Lennon)

  3. Sexy Sadie (3:16) (John Lennon)


  1. Across the Universe (3:30)

  2. The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill (3:14)

  3. Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey (Reprise) (2:43)

  4. Cry Baby Cry (2:35)

  5. Revolution 9 (8:21)





APRIL, 1968


  1. Los Paranoias (3:47)

  2. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (2:47)

  3. Take Me Back (Medley) (5:25)

  4. Rocky Raccoon (3:33)

  5. Kreen-Akrore (4:15)

  6. Hot As Sun/Glasses (2:06)


  1. Valentine Day (1:44)

  2. (You're So Square) Baby I Don’t Care (0:39)

  3. Mother Nature's Son (Part 1) (2:27)

  4. Junk (3:06)

  5. Why Don't We Do It In The Road (1:42)

  6. Honey Pie (2:41)

  7. Mother Nature's Son (Part 2) (2:48)

  8. Momma Miss America (4:02)





APRIL, 1968


  1. Sentimental Journey (3:27)

  2. Night and Day (2:26)

  3. Whispering Grass (2:38)

  4. Bye Bye Blackbird (2:12)

  5. I'm a Fool to Care (2:40)

  6. Stardust (3:23)

  7. Blue Turning Grey Over You


  1. Don't Pass Me By (3:50)

  2. Dream (2:43)

  3. You Always Hurt the One You Love (2:21)

  4. Have I Told You Lately That I Love You (2:45)

  5. Let the Rest of the World Go By (2:57)

  6. Stormy Weather (3:01)

  7. Good Night (2:28)





AUGUST, 1968


  1. Hey Jude (7:20)

  2. Across The Universe (3:50)

  3. All Together Now (2:12)


  1. Lady Madonna (2:17)

  2. Hey Bulldog (3:15)

  3. Revolution (3:25)







  1. Back In The U.S.S.R. (2:44)

  2. Dear Prudence (3:55)

  3. Glass Onion (2:18)

  4. Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da (3:09)

  5. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (4:45)

  6. Happiness Is A Warm Gun (2:45)

  7. Julia (2:56)


  1. Birthday (2:43)

  2. I Will (1:46)

  3. Blackbird (2:18)

  4. Martha My Dear (2:29)

  5. Yer Blues (4:01)

  6. Helter Skelter (4:30)

  7. Good Night (3:15)




YELLOW SUBMARINE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)



  1. Yellow Submarine (2:39)

  2. Hey Bulldog (3:10)

  3. Eleanor Rigby (2:05)

  4. Love You To (2:57)

  5. All Together Now (2:10)

  6. Think For Yourself (2:19)

  7. Baby You're a Rich Man (3:00)


  1. Only a Northern Song (3:25)

  2. All You Need Is Love (3:47)

  3. Nowhere Man (2:41)

  4. It's All Too Much (6:26)

  5. Yellow Submarine In Pepperland [Instrumental] (2:14)





APRIL, 1969


  1. Two Virgins Side One (14:14)

  2. No Bed for Beatle John (4:41)

  3. Song for John (1:31)


  1. Two Virgins Side Two (14:40)

  2. Baby’s Heartbeat (5:10)

  3. Two Minutes Silence (2:00)


  1. Cambridge 1969 (26:33)


  1. What's The New Mary Jane? (6:12)

  2. Remember Love (4:00)

  3. Mulberry (8:58)


  1. Radio Play (12:40)

  2. Who Has Seen The Wind (2:05)

  3. Listen, The Snow Is Falling (3:25)

  4. Don't Worry Kyoko Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow (2:15)

  5. Something More Abstract (0:47)


  1. Fly (22:52)

  2. Telephone Piece (0:30)







  1. Oh! Darling (3:27)

  2. Here Comes The Sun (3:06)

  3. Come Together (4:20)

  4. Because (2:46)

  5. Octopus's Garden (2:51)

  6. You Never Give Me Your Money (4:03)

  7. Maxwell's Silver Hammer (3:28)


  1. Something (3:02)

  2. Everest Medley (6:48)

  3. I Want You (She's So Heavy) (7:47)

  4. Golden Slumbers (5:15)

  5. Her Majesty (0:27)





MAY, 1970


  1. Dig A Pony (3:44)

  2. I've Got A Feeling (3:29)

  3. Old Brown Shoe (3:15)

  4. One After 909 (2:49)

  5. I Me Mine (2:22)

  6. Dig It (0:46)

  7. Let It Be (3:50)

  8. Maggie Mae (0:40)


  1. Get Back (2:35)

  2. Don't Let Me Down (3:32)

  3. Two Of Us (3:23)

  4. For You Blue (2:25)

  5. The Ballad of John and Yoko (2:57)

  6. Across the Universe (3:44)

  7. The Long and Winding Road (3:35)

  8. Get Back (Reprise) (0:37)

Greast Hits DISPLAY Side 1.png
CollectionOldies DISPLAY side 1.png
MMT OST COVER side 1.jpg
1968 2 George COVER side 1.jpg
1968 2 John COVER side 1.jpg
1968 2 Paul COVER side 1.jpg
1968 2 Ringo COVER side 1.jpg
Beatles68 DISPLAY side 1.png
Doll's House DISPLAY side 1.png
Yellow Submarine COVER side 1.jpg
WeddingAlbum DISPLAY side 1.png
1970-04 Get Back DISPLAY side 1.png

The Greatest Hits was perfect, as at that point they had exactly 14 #1 records here in the US. I used a Beach Boys Greatest Hits cover to model this record. The UK didn't get a greatest hits as they got their version of A Collection of Oldies.

2nd 1969-09 Everest DISPLAY Side 1.png

Here in the US we didn't get A Collection of Oldies. The UK got this hits compilation so for us (in the fantasy universe) we got the greatest hits compilation. But here in the US, A Collection of Oldies would be more literal as it was a covers album as our fantasy world would give The Beatles all originals for their earliest albums.

I love the title, Sgt. Pepper's Magical Mystery Tour. I used the singles, "Strawberry" and "Penny", revamped my least favorite, "Within You" with the Love version to make an excellent trippier version, remixed "Help From My Friends" and brought in the clean-intro version of "Day In A Life".


I moved songs around to give it a better flow, as well. The cover was found online and not very well edited but is a fantastic photo for a Beatles psychedelics masterpiece.

This is more of a soundtrack to the TV special than the original UK EPs and US LP. Adding Death Cab for Cutie and "Jessie's Dream" and the such allowed us to reuse "I Am The Walrus"

Despite loving the original and real MMT, I love this version more because it proves to be a real soundtrack to the TV special presented by The Beatles and others. This version is more playful and precise with more listening pleasure if you know the TV special.

Much like 1967's Magical Mystery Tour, we've developed an EP The Beatles were famous for. Outside of Elvis, I think Beatles has more EPs. This wraps up the year in a mini-Greatest Hits compilation. However, all songs were already released or will be in 1969 as the Yellow Submarine soundtrack.


One difference though is that the songs notated with [♪] are alternate versions. "Strawberry" doesn't fade down. "Penny" has the trumpet ending and "Walrus" has the extra bars.

The White Album will go through a reform and many songs will become missing. I just felt like KISS did 10 years later, all four would release solo albums.


George's album is most interesting as I used demos that were very  well made, The White Album stuff and a couple of remixes to get the most out of his album. Alternate versions of "Guitar Weeps" and "Sweet Lord" are standout tracks and makes this one maybe better than Paul's.

Like George Harrison's solo album, released April of 1968, John's White Album contributions are here along with Revolution #1 and #9. Two versions of "Me and My Monkey" and an early version of "Universe" makes this one of the more innovative albums of the four.


The second version of "Me and My Monkey" comes from an alternate version taken from the 2018 remix. 

Ringo was a tough one, considering his musical contributions to the band is stuck at a drum set and percussions. He's not even one of the voices in The Beatles famous harmonies. But he did have a passion and that was Country and old standards and, much like Peter Criss of KISS, also the drummer with the least contributions to the band, would put out a solo album not nearly up to par of his colleagues. The only real mentionable is the version of "Good Night" is the Anthology version. However, "Don't Pass Me By" is the White Album version.

Like Magical Mystery Tour, the band needed to wrap up their singles of the year and did so for us here in the fantasy world with this gem. This pre-White Album set are the 1968 songs The Beatles recorded. Some will land on the 1969 Yellow Submarine soundtrack, three singles and and another early version of "Across The Universe", different than the John solo album earlier.

Paul McCartney became one of the most successful songwriters of our generation. But here on his debut solo album, he falls short - albeit with good songs. But we added throw-aways like, "Los Paranoias", a rather TOO long version. "Take Me Back" is cringy after 3 minutes in. But this set is a combination of his White Album contributions and his debut album released 2 years later. And despite the aforementioned insufferable tracks, the album does have a great mix despite the tracks are from varying degrees of Paul's career.

Most already know The White Album was originally to be titled, A Doll's House, with the above cover. A piece of me says it would have been best to make the cover a full covering instead of the white top with black lettering. But, as it were, this my blasphemous attempt at a single version White Album, where the remaining songs worked for all four members debut solo albums just seven months before.

As Yellow Submarine is a soundtrack to a movie, it also served as a final wrap-up and say for The Beatles up to this point. Songs range from 1966 to 1968 and allows for 1969 to be a refreshed year for new music from the band.


I had space for just one original George Martin piece, but it was the arguably obvious one, "Yellow Submarine in Pepperland" in just title alone. I had plans to release a fantasy "Songtrack" version of this with possibly a 2-CD edition. Still thinking about it 8 years later.

John and Yoko were a special case for their time. In the real world and fantasy world, The Wedding Album was a must. This is a mix of a few elements, mostly the early world of John and Yoko's avant garde period. It was a fitting place for the likes of, "What's The New Mary Jane?" But this is the Wedding Album and the Two Virgins albums along with some b-sides, but no singles. We saved that for the next John and Yoko set.

Abbey Road is a masterpiece - hands down! If you wanted to toy with the album for a "fantasy what if universe", all you can do is move the song around according to your taste. You cannot subtrack or add to the album. I switched sides because "Oh Darling" is a much better intro and the rest of the songs followed nicely. I loved the maniacal ending of "I Want You" going into peaceful "Golden Slumber" and the album goes back up to a louder and heavier state through "Carry That Weight", which is unnamed here, as the medleys are unlisted and renamed as I always thought it should be.

Get Back, the original concept, was finally released in 2021. I build this version of Get Back in 1985 and then throughout the 90s, 00s and so on. The songs used here are the 2021 remixes that replaced the long-running "naked" versions. This album sounds so much better with this listing and these remixed versions. It has become my favorite album now I have "Don't Let Me Down" and "The Ballad of John and Yoko" in the mix.

Beatles67 COVER side 1.jpg






  1. Every Night (2:35)

  2. I Found Out (3:38)

  3. Run of the Mill (2:52)

  4. Isolation (2:52)

  5. Teddy Boy (2:25)

  6. I'd Have You Anytime (2:58)


  1. Remember (4:33)

  2. All Things Must Pass (3:47)

  3. Another Day (3:43)

  4. Early 1970 (2:19)

  5. Love (3:22)

  6. Maybe I'm Amazed (3:53)







  1. Mother (5:35)

  2. Why (5:37)

  3. Well Well Well (5:57)

  4. Why Not (9:55)


  1. Look At Me (2:54)

  2. Open Your Box (7:38)

  3. It's So Hard (2:29)

  4. Greenfield Morning I Pushed an Empty Baby Carriage (5:40)

  5. Oh My Love (2:48)


  1. Cold Turkey (3:37)

  2. AOS (7:07)

  3. Hold On (1:52)

  4. Give Peace A Chance (4:55)


  1. Paper Shoes (7:31)

  2. Working Class Hero (3:48)

  3. Touch Me (4:42)

  4. My Mummy's Dead (0:52)

  5. I Don't Want To Be A Soldier Mama (4:45)





MARCH, 1971


  1. Instant Karma! (We All Shine On) (Single Release, 1970) (3:22)

  2. That Would Be Something (2:42)

  3. Come and Get It (2:30)

  4. Coochy Coochy (4:48)

  5. Give Peace A Chance (Single Release, Recorded in 1969) (4:54)

  6. Behind That Locked Door (3:07)


  1. Oo You (2:50)

  2. Well (Baby Please Don't Go) (4:08)

  3. It Don't Come Easy (3:31)

  4. Man We Was Lonely (3:00)

  5. God Save Us (3:15)

  6. Goodbye (Recorded in 1969) (2:24)







  1. How? (3:46)

  2. Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey (4:55)

  3. Crippled Inside (3:53)

  4. My Sweet Lord (4:41)

  5. Ram On (2:30)


  1. Heart of the Country (2:24)

  2. How Do You Sleep? (5:39)

  3. Art of Dying (3:39)

  4. Jealous Guy (4:18)

  5. Monkberry Moon Delight (5:26)


  1. It Don't Come Easy (3:02)

  2. What Is Life (4:24)

  3. Imagine (3:08)

  4. Too Many People (4:11)

  5. Awaiting On You All (2:48)

  6. Uncle Albert Jam (2:12)


  1. Dear Boy (2:16)

  2. Ballad of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll) (3:48)

  3. The Back Seat of My Car (4:31)

  4. Oh Yoko! (4:21)

  5. Wah-Wah (5:38)

  6. Ram On (Reprise) (0:56)





JUNE, 1972


  1. New York City (4:34)

  2. Eat at Home (3:23)

  3. Bangla Desh (3:57)

  4. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (5:19)

  5. Smile Away (3:53)

  6. Apple Scruffs (3:07)


  1. Back Off Boogaloo (3:20)

  2. Gimme Some Truth (3:14)

  3. Tomorrow (3:25)

  4. Power To The People (3:23)

  5. Beware of Darkness (3:51)

  6. Dear Friend (5:49)





AUGUST, 1972


  1. Mumbo (3:52)

  2. Bip Bop (4:10)

  3. A Love for You (4:08)

  4. Hey Diddle (3:50)

  5. Mama's Little Girl (3:42)


  1. 3 Legs (2:48)

  2. Oh Woman, Oh Why (4:36)

  3. Long Haired Lady (6:05)

  4. Some People Never Know (6:37)

  5. Wild Life (6:42)





APRIL, 1973


  1. Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth) (3:33)

  2. Mind Games (4:10)

  3. Helen Wheels (3:44)

  4. I'm The Greatest (3:26)

  5. I Know (I Know) (3:48)

  6. The Light That Has Lighted the World (3:31)


  1. My Love (4:12)

  2. Photograph (3:58)

  3. One More Kiss (2:29)

  4. You're Sixteen (2:50)

  5. Living in the Material World (5:31)

  6. Out The Blue (3:23)





MAY, 1973


  1. Sue Me, Sue You Blues (4:46)

  2. I Don't Care Anymore (2:45)

  3. Who Can See It (3:52)

  4. The Lord Loves the One (That Loves the Lord) (4:35)

  5. Be Here Now (4:10)


  1. Try Some, Buy Some (4:08)

  2. The Day the World Gets 'Round (2:53)

  3. That Is All (3:44)

  4. Deep Blue (3:46)

  5. Miss O'Dell (2:32)





JULY, 1973


  1. Hi, Hi, Hi (3:09)

  2. Little Woman Love (2:07)

  3. Country Dreamer (3:10)

  4. Bluebird (3:25)

  5. No Words (2:36)

  6. Jazz Street (5:09)

  7. Mamunia (4:51)


  1. Single Pigeon (1:53)

  2. Thank You Darling (3:19)

  3. Picasso's Last Words (Drink to Me) (5:49)

  4. Medley: Hold Me Tight / Lazy Dynamite / Hands Of Love/ Power Cut (11:25)


  1. Seaside Woman (4:03)

  2. I Would Only Smile (3:23)

  3. C Moon (4:32)

  4. The Mess (4:19)


  1. Tragedy (3:20)

  2. Get On The Right Thing (4:18)

  3. When The Night (3:41)

  4. I Got Up (3:21)

  5. I Lie Around (5:00)





AUGUST, 1973


  1. Yang Yang (3:51)

  2. Attica State (2:57)

  3. Is Winter Here to Stay (4:23)

  4. Bring On The Lucie (Freda Peeple) (4:13)

  5. What A Bastard The World Is (4:35)


  1. Approximately Infinite Universe (3:22)

  2. The Luck Of The Irish (2:54)

  3. Kite Song (3:18)

  4. John Sinclair (3:31)

  5. Meat City (2:53)







  1. Band On The Run (:14)

  2. Jet (4:09)

  3. Maya Love (4:23)

  4. Whatever Gets You Through The Night (*) (3:28)

  5. #9 Dream (4:47)


  1. Old Dirt Road (4:14)

  2. Mrs. Vanderbilt (4:42)

  3. Let Me Roll It (4:51)

  4. Snookeroo (*) (3:24)

  5. Surprise, Surprise (Sweet Bird Of Paradox) (*) (2:57)

  6. Nineteen Hundred & Eighty Five (:32)





MAY, 1974


  1. Have You Seen My Baby? (3:45)

  2. Occapella (2:55)

  3. Oo-Wee (3:45)

  4. Husbands and Wives (3:34)


  1. Sunshine Life For Me (Sail Away Raymond) (2:45)

  2. All My Myself (3:21)

  3. Oh My My (4:17)

  4. Call Me (4:05)


  1. Step Lightly (3:16)

  2. No No Song (2:30)

  3. Six O'clock (4:09)

  4. Devil Woman (3:50)


  1. Only You (And You Alone) (3:23)

  2. Easy For Me (2:19)

  3. You and Me (Babe) (5:00)

  4. Goodnight Vienna (1:19)



DISPLAY side 1.png
JohnYoko DISPLAY CENSORED side 1.png
The Beatles Again DISPLAY Side 1.png
Imagine DISPLAY side 1.png
nyc DISPLAY side 1.png
1972-08 Mumo DISPLAY side 1.png
OutBlue DISPLAY side 1.png
1973-05 George Be Here DISPLAY side 2.png
NoWords DISPLAY side 1.png
YouAreHere DISPLAY side 1.png
BandOnTheRun DISPLAY Side 1.png
EasyForMe DISPLAY side 1.png

This album is censored for obvious reasons. You can see the full monty if you click HERE. This is the beginning of the "pop" albums, if you will. Less avant-garde and more pop and rock music. I've taken both John and Yoko's Plastic Ono Band albums, mashed them for a pre-dated Double Fantasy effect. Up until his murder, all J&Y albums will be of this layout where they share the track listings evenly. This is where you will find such tracks as, "Give Peace A Chance" (giving John his song back), "Cold Turkey" and "Mother", as well. And the famous naked cover is an untouched version of the original Two Virgins album. His and Yoko's nudity do not scare me. I'm rather infatuated with it and hate that the cover has to be censored to give it the real-world effect. 

I love the album, Hey Jude / The Beatles Again, mostly for historic reasons, at least in my own history. I had a copy of this and it unleashed so much of The Beatles to me when I was 12 years old in 1980. But in this fantasy "what-if" world, we're playing this one up as a "wrap-up" album of the releases we didn't get to place anywhere, mostly Paul McCartney's solo album. I then made up the solo albums and gave some of those a home, leaving this one barren. But I still managed a good selection of singles and unreleased Beatles. "It Don't Come Easy" is the George version. I messed up and added "Give Peace A Chance", but was able to get the demos, "Goodbye" and "Come and Get It" from Paul, and John's single, "Instant Karma". It's a cool set. I like it.

This is the gem of the bunch, one of the absolute best fantasy albums to date. This one is filled with like the cream of Beatles. It sounds like a Beatles album, minus the bickering, it's a classic line-up of all four members at their peak. The comedy of "Monkberry Moon Delight" to the seriousness of "Jealous Guy". The heart and soul of the band really shines here. This is, for me, clearly a 5-star release. Not a bad song. Some of the best; "Ballad of Frankie Crisp" and "Crippled Inside", "Heart Of The Country", "It Don't Come Easy" - this is simply a classic album. Even if it is fake.

This one here is an odd man out. This is a darker and more political album. The cover has banable content. The Apple label is all washed out. Even Ringo comes around to bash Paul, and Paul gives the only light-hearted moments, and yet, the darkest song of them all, "Dear Friend". I'm limited with space here, but all of that said, it's a great album with some deeper and clever moments.

Again trying to clean up unreleased songs from past real-life albums, Mumbo is an uneven album, mixing Wild Life and a tad bit of Ram and singles.


It would not hold up as a great or classic solo McCartney, but, as it were, The Beatles are still together in this universe and Paul is still champion of the pop song and creating some of the best "Beatles" songs this side of American Top 40.

Paul's album is a cross-breed of Band On The Run and Red Rose Speedway, while George is 33 1/3 and Living in a Material World. Paul had to be a double album because so much good material was there. George, at this point, put out decent albums.

Another stellar masterpiece. Not up to Imagine's level, but godamn close. Even the "unknowns", like "The Light That Has Lighted" and "I Know" are wonderful tracks in a sea of great hits and classic tracks. And it's a great comeback from the year before's dark trip through New York City.

In the history of Yoko Ono albums, Approximately Infinite Universe is the first of a small handful of listenable records. Mix that with the classic New York City album, this album kind of rocks. Very political and are more like outtakes of The Beatles' New York City album.

Band On The Run both in the fantasy and the real world are immaculate albums. But this fantasy album is the last of the classic period with a set filled with nothing less than top hits and excellent album cuts. Elton John appears three times in this record, noted with a (*)

This is the one that started it all. This is one that made the fantasy world, and the whole "what-if" a thing among many Beatles fans. John once said; "If you want a new Beatles album, then buy all four of our albums and make a tape." And we did. My first was in 1979 mashing together my favorite albums that year, Back To The Egg and George Harrison. And of all of the following fantasy albums here on out, this one has been revamped tons of times. Sometimes with "Instant Karma", sometimes not. To date, this is my favorite version. 

JohnLennon Solo COVER 1970.jpg



AUGUST, 1974


  1. Going Down On Love (3:57)

  2. Growing Pain (3:50)

  3. What You Got (3:09)

  4. Yellow Girl (Stand By for Life) (3:17)


  1. Steel And Glass (4:40)

  2. A Thousand Times Yes (3:02)

  3. Beef Jerky (3:31)

  4. Coffin Car (3:32)


  1. Bless You (4:37)

  2. Woman of Salem (3:09)

  3. Scared (4:41)

  4. Run, Run, Run (5:11)


  1. Intuition (3:11)

  2. Woman Power (4:52)

  3. Tight A$ (3:39)

  4. Men, Men, Men (4:06)







  1. Junior’s Farm (4:23)

  2. Slippin' And Slidin (2:18)


  1. Rock And Roll People (4:18)

  2. World of Stone (4:45)







  1. Venus & Mars / Rock Show (6:51)

  2. You (3:44)

  3. Stand By Me (3:32)

  4. Letting Go (4:33)

  5. Cookin' In The Kitchen Of Love (3:42)

  6. Ain't She Sweet (0:29)


  1. This Guitar (Can't Keep from Crying) (4:13)

  2. You Gave Me the Answer (2:15)

  3. (It's All Down To) Good Night Vienna (3:02)

  4. The Answer's at the End (5:33)

  5. Listen to What the Man Said (4:01)

  6. Venus and Mars (Reprise) (2:16)





AUGUST, 1976


  1. A Dose Of Rock N Roll (3:24)

  2. Let 'Em In (5:11)

  3. Move Over Ms. L (2:58)

  4. Hey Baby (3:11)

  5. Beware My Love (6:28)

  6. True Love (2:45)


  1. Only You (3:26)

  2. Silly Love Songs (5:54)

  3. Crackerbox Palace (3:48)

  4. San Ferry Anne (2:08)

  5. You Can't Catch Me (4:54)

  6. This Song (4:14)







  1. New York City (Live) (3:13)

  2. I've Just Seen A Face (Live) (1:53)

  3. Imagine (Live) (3:04)

  4. The Long and Winding Road (Live) (3:56)

  5. My Sweet Lord (Live) (4:36)


  1. Instant Karma (Live) (3:47)

  2. Lady Madonna (Live) (2:21)

  3. It Don't Come Easy (Live) (2:45)

  4. Maybe I'm Amazed (Live) (5:15)

  5. Come Together (Live) (4:05)


  1. While My Guitar Gently Weeps (Live) (4:46)

  2. Here Comes The Sun (Live) (2:58)

  3. Yesterday (Live) (1:43)

  4. Woman Is The Nigger Of The World (Live) (5:15)

  5. Blackbird (Live) (2:28)


  1. Listen To What The Man Said (Live) (3:29)

  2. Hound Dog (Live) (2:50)

  3. Something (Live) (3:42)

  4. Band On The Run (Live) (5:16)

  5. Wah-Wah (Live) (3:30)


  1. Attica State (Live) (3:01)

  2. Awaiting On You All (Live) (2:49)

  3. Venus & Mars Rock Show / Jet (Live) (10:05)

  4. It's So Hard (Live) (3:10)


  1. Live and Let Die (Live) (3:08)

  2. Money (That's What I Want) (Live) (3:02)

  3. Beware of Darkness (Live) (3:39)

  4. Hi Hi Hi (Live) (3:14)

  5. Well (Please Don't Go) (Live) (3:48)





APRIL, 1978


  1. Girls' School (4:38)

  2. Wings (3:26)

  3. Name And Address (3:08)

  4. Waterspout (4:49)

  5. Sat Singing (4:28)


  1. London Town (4:09)

  2. Backwards Traveller (1:09)

  3. Morse Moose And The Grey Goose (6:25)

  4. Beautiful Girl (3:39)

  5. With A Little Luck (5:46)





MAY, 1979


  1. We're Open Tonight (1:29)

  2. Blow Away (4:01)

  3. Now And Then (3:45)

  4. To You (3:13)

  5. Monkey See-Monkey Do (3:36)

  6. Again And Again And Again (3:34)

  7. Old Siam, Sir (4:11)


  1. Reception (1:06)

  2. Getting Closer (3:26)

  3. Faster (4:48)

  4. Love Comes To Everyone (4:36)

  5. Arrow Through Me (3:37)

  6. If You Believe (2:58)

  7. Baby's Request (2:51)







  1. Wonderful Christmastime (3:48)

  2. Happy Xmas (War Is Over) (3:33)

  3. Ding Dong, Ding Dong (3:41)


  1. The Beatles Christmas Record, 1963 (5:09)

  2. Another Beatles Christmas Record, 1964 (4:04)

  3. The Beatles Third Christmas Record, 1965 (6:29)

  4. Pantomime - Everywhere It's Christmas, 1966 (6:45)


  1. Christmas Time (Is Here Again), 1967 (6:13)

  2. The Beatles 1968 Christmas Record (7:55)


  1. The Beatles Seventh Christmas Record, 1969 (7:41)

  2. Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reggae (1:47)

  3. The Broadcast (After The Ball, Million Miles, Winter

Rose, Love Awake, The Broadcast) (10:16)





APRIL, 1980


  1. Coming Up (5:36)

  2. Unconsciousness Rules (3:38)

  3. Temporary Secretary (3:17)

  4. I'm Losing You (3:56)

  5. That Which I Have Lost (3:47)


  1. Spin It On (2:12)

  2. Stop! And Take Time To Smell The Roses (2:54)

  3. Check My Machine (9:06)

  4. Nobody Told Me (3:24)

  5. Hong Kong Blues (2:56)

  6. Stop! You Don't Know Where She Came From (1:41)






  1. (Just Like) Starting Over (3:57)

  2. I'll Give You A Ring (3:09)

  3. Soft-Hearted Hana (4:04)

  4. I'm Losing You (3:57)

  5. One Of These Days (3:38)

  6. Cleanup Time (2:55)

  7. Not Guilty (3:35)


  1. Woman (3:33)

  2. Somebody Who Cares (3:20)

  3. Wrack My Brain (2:25)

  4. Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) (4:06)

  5. Daytime Nightime Suffering (3:23)

  6. Watching the Wheels (4:00)

  7. The Pound Is Sinking (2:51)





MAY, 1982


  1. Nobody Told Me (3:35)

  2. Take It Away (4:04)

  3. Picture Show Life (4:19)

  4. Flying Hour (4:31)

  5. Borrowed Time (4:30)

  6. Wanderlust (3:50)


  1. I'm Stepping Out (4:06)

  2. Tug Of War (4:00)

  3. Ballroom Dancing (4:09)

  4. All Those Years Ago (3:48)

  5. I Don't Wanna Face It (3:22)

  6. Here Today (2:29)





JULY, 1983


  1. Pipes Of Peace (3:23)

  2. Say Say Say (with Michael Jackson) (3:56)

  3. Dress Me Up As A Robber (2:43)

  4. So Bad (3:22)

  5. The Man (with Michael Jackson) (3:56)

  6. Sweetest Little Show (2:52)


  1. Get It (with Carl Perkins) (2:29)

  2. Rainclouds (3:14)

  3. What's That You're Doing (with Stevie Wonder) (6:23)

  4. Through Our Love (3:30)

  5. Ode To A Koala Bear (3:44)

  6. Average Person (4:34)







  1. No More Lonely Nights (5:00)

  2. In My Car (3:11)

  3. Valotte (4:17)

  4. Not Such A Bad Boy (3:25)

  5. Long Lost John (1:57)

  6. Too Late for Goodbyes (3:35)


  1. Keep Under Cover (3:04)

  2. That's The Way It Goes (3:38)

  3. Say You're Wrong (3:29)

  4. No Values (4:12)

  5. Every Man Has A Woman Who Loves Him (3:19)

  6. Mystical One (3:46)





APRIL, 1986


  1. Press (4:43)

  2. Stick Around (4:05)

  3. Here Comes The Moon (4:50)

  4. Hanglide (5:19)

  5. O.K. For You (3:40)

  6. Stranglehold (3:36)


  1. I Don't Want To Do It (2:55)

  2. Hard Times (3:33)

  3. Coward Till The End (6:13)

  4. Tonight (2:58)

  5. Lonely (3:55)

  6. Spies Like Us (4:48)





AUGUST, 1987


  1. Back On My Feet (4:24)

  2. The First Stone (3:56)

  3. Beautiful Night (6:14)

  4. Loveliest Thing (3:54)

  5. Same Love (3:55)

  6. Return To Pepperland (4:54)


  1. Love Come Tumbling Down (4:23)

  2. Lindiana (5:44)

  3. Once Upon A Long Ago (4:36)

  4. Squid (6:37)

  5. Yvonne's The One (4:22)

  6. Party Party (2:16)







  1. My Brave Face (3:20)

  2. That's What It Takes (4:02)

  3. Weight of the World (3:54)

  4. This One (4:12)

  5. This Is Love (3:50)

  6. After All These Years (3:11)


  1. When We Was Fab (4:00)

  2. Devil's Radio (3:54)

  3. Figure Of Eight (3:27)

  4. Cloud 9 (3:16)

  5. Put It There (2:13)

  6. We Got Married (4:59)







  1. Off The Ground (3:39)

  2. Fish On The Sand (3:25)

  3. Saltwater (4:07)

  4. Cheer Down (4:08)

  5. Hope Of Deliverance (3:23)

  6. Listen (5:05)


  1. Golden Blunders (4:06)

  2. Big Boys Bickering (3:21)

  3. Wreck Of The Hesperus (3:34)

  4. Biker Like An Icon (3:25)

  5. Poor Little Girl (4:33)

  6. C'mon People (5:44)





MAY, 1998


  1. Talking To The Universe (3:31)

  2. Broomstick (5:10)

  3. How Many Times (5:54)

  4. Mystery Juice (5:27)

  5. New Orleans (3:14)

  6. Mindfield (4:07)


  1. Into The Sun (3:23)

  2. Kurushi (7:29)

  3. Looking For You (4:40)

  4. Appaloosa (4:44)

  5. Puppet (3:21)

  6. Crucified (5:13)





MAY, 1999


  1. Any Road (3:53)

  2. Young Boy (3:54)

  3. King Of The Broken Hearts (4:44)

  4. Stuck Inside A Cloud (4:05)

  5. Flaming Pie (2:27)


  1. Grow Old With Me * (3:07)

  2. Little Willow (2:51)

  3. Great Day (2:04)

  4. Beautiful Night (3:32)

  5. Free As A Bird * (3:59)

  6. Beautiful Night (Reprise) (1:30)


  1. The World Tonight (4:03)

  2. This Guitar Can't Keep from Crying (3:56)

  3. La De Da (4:08)

  4. Real Love * (3:53)

  5. Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea (2:35)


  1. If You Wanna (4:38)

  2. Run So Far (4:06)

  3. The Rising Sun (5:28)

  4. Now And Then * (4:17)





AUGUST, 2000


  1. Queue (3:45)

  2. The Ballad Of The Skeletons (7:47)

  3. Turned The Corner (2:58)

  4. The Light Comes From Within (2:59)

  5. Somedays (4:15)


  1. Good To Be Lonely (4:25)

  2. Really Love You (5:18)

  3. Bathtub (4:00)

  4. New York Woman (2:00)

  5. The White Coated Man (2:14)

  6. Kiss Beyond the Catcher (4:01)





AUGUST, 2002


  1. Brainwashed (4:02)

  2. Lonely Road (3:16)

  3. Mother Mary (4:56)

  4. Looking For My Life (3:50)


  1. Never Without You (5:23)

  2. She Given Up Talking (4:57)

  3. It Must Have Been Magic (3:59)

  4. And She Cries (3:50)


  1. Never Get Over You (3:26)

  2. Spinning On An Axis (5:16)

  3. I Don't Wanna Know (4:43)

  4. Vertical Man (4:42)


  1. About You (2:52)

  2. Imagine Me There (3:54)

  3. Cold (4:41)

  4. Loving Flame (3:44)







  1. Fine Line (3:06)

  2. Day After Day (4:18)

  3. Oh My Lord (5:33)

  4. English Tea (2:12)

  5. Satisfied (3:19)

  6. Jenny Wren (3:47)

  7. Faithful (3:44)


  1. Too Much Rain (3:39)

  2. Free Drinks (4:25)

  3. Friends To Go (2:43)

  4. Believe (4:54)

  5. English Garden (2:18)

  6. Whole Life (Remix) (3:55)

  7. Anyway (3:54)







  1. Whole Life (3:55)

  2. I've Only Got Two Hands (3:18)

  3. She Is So Beautiful (3:04)

  4. Comfort Of Love (3:10)

  5. Growing Up Falling Down (3:28)

  6. Summer Of '59 (2:10)


  1. Walk With You (with Ringo Starr) (4:41)

  2. Why So Blue (3:12)

  3. In Private (2:08)

  4. I Want To Walk You Home (2:42)

  5. Heal The Pain (4:44)







  1. Crazy Tuesday (3:53)

  2. Dance Tonight (2:54)

  3. Choose Love (3:08)

  4. Promise To You Girl (3:10)

  5. Fading in, Fading Out (3:57)

  6. Someday (4:27)

  7. Ever Present Past (2:57)


  1. Nod Your Head (1:59)

  2. Touch the Sky (4:26)

  3. Only Mama Knows (4:18)

  4. Wind Up Dead (5:06)

  5. Some People (3:18)

  6. House Of Wax (5:00)







  1. Don't Stop Running (8:15)

  2. Dead Meat (4:10)

  3. Ask The Elephant! (3:04)

  4. So Vain (4:43)

  5. Tuff Love (4:33)

  6. Lovers In A Dream (5:21)


  1. Waiting For The D Train (2:49)

  2. Friendly Fire (5:04)

  3. Idle Lover (4:51)

  4. Light From Your Lighthouse (2:31)

  5. Between My Head And The Sky (5:35)

  6. Wind Up Dead (5:06)

  7. Would I Be The One (4:58)





AUGUST, 2013


  1. Cut Me Some Slack (4:38)

  2. Cheshire Cat Cry (4:58)

  3. Unicorn (3:28)

  4. Too Deep (2:30)

  5. Highway (4:16)

  6. Bad Dancer (3:04)

  7. Wings (3:48)


  1. Animals (4:19)

  2. Ring a Ring O' Roses (2:40)

  3. Appreciate (4:29)

  4. 7th Floor (3:06)

  5. Mexico (3:00)

  6. Everybody Out There (3:21)

  7. Midnight Sun (3:44)





AUGUST, 2018


  1. Never Know (6:04)

  2. Bring It Down (3:42)

  3. Come On To Me (4:11)

  4. #WarOnFalse (3:59)


  1. Watching The Rain (5:31)

  2. All About Waiting (4:14)

  3. I Don't Know (4:27)

  4. Calling (4:20)


  1. Despite Repeated Warnings (6:58)

  2. Laughable (2:59)

  3. Downtown Tigers (6:22)

  4. Tabetai (2:45)

  5. We’re On The Road Again (4:34)


  1. Let Love Lead (4:11)

  2. Station II (0:47)

  3. Hunt You Down / Naked / C-Link (6:23)







  1. Fuh You (3:25)

  2. Better Days (2:49)

  3. Motorways (Erase It) (3:20)

  4. Thank God For Music (3:39)

  5. Get Started (3:41)

  6. Home Tonight (3:05)

  7. The Other Side Of Liverpool (3:24)


  1. In A Hurry (4:05)

  2. Summertime Police (4:30)

  3. What’s My Name (3:44)

  4. Frank Sinatra’s Party (2:45)

  5. Nothing For Free (3:13)

  6. Sixty Second Street (3:55)

  7. Grow Old With Me (3:19)





APRIL, 2021


  1. Long Tailed Winter Bird (5:17)

  2. Here's To The Nights (4:10)

  3. Find My Way (3:51)

  4. Pretty Boys (2:57)

  5. Zoom In Zoom Out (3:57)

  6. Lavatory Lil (2:23)

  7. Teach Me To Tango (3:08)


  1. Slidin' (3:23)

  2. The Kiss Of Venus (3:06)

  3. Seize The Day (3:20)

  4. Not Enough Love In The World (4:16)

  5. Deep Down (5:53)

  6. Winter Bird / When Winter Comes (3:13)

Ringo's massive 1973 album, Ringo, was a huge hit for him, and these are those songs along with some from Goodnight Vienna, a rather popular follow-up. Surprisingly, this is a very good album for Ringo, classic and quite solid. Ringo got some help from his friends, and it shows.

Rockshow DISPLAY side 1.png
Junior's Farm EP COVER side 1.jpg
CantCatchMe DISPLAY side 1.png
RockLive DISPLAY side 1.png
LittleLuck DISPLAY side 1.png
WereOpen DISPLAY side 1.png
Christmas DISPLAY side 1.png
Plastic Macs DISPLAY side 1.png
StartingOVer DISPLAY side 1.png
WarPeace DISPLAY side 1.png
PipesPeace DISPLAY Side 1.png
Press DISPLAY Side 1.png
BorrowedTime DISPLAY side 1.png
Return to Pepperland COVER side 1.jpg
DevilsRadio DISPLAY Side 1.png
WeightWorld DISPLAY Side 1.png
PlasticOno DISPLAY Side 1.png
BeautifulNights DISPLAY side 1.png
GetInLine DISPLAY side 1.png
Brainwashed DISPLAY side 1.png
LoveChaos DISPLAY side 1.png
Whole Life COVER side 1.jpg
House Of Wax COVER side 1.jpg
PlasticMacOno DISPLAY side 1.png
BadDancer DISPLAY side 1.png
EgyptFantasy DISPLAY side 1.png
Last Call DISPLAY side 1.png

Like Ringo's album and a previous Paul release, John had to go double on this one in order for us to clean up the remaining leftovers. But like John and Yoko's previous album, this is one of the better Yoko efforts and mix that with Walls & Bridges, this became one of John's best efforts.

I have several singles in this fantasy collection, and very few EPs, which were not popular in the 70s, but were still made from time to time. I decided to make a rather unique EP, maybe for the UK market (even if it is on Capitol Records), for the one outliar single, "Junior's Farm", a great song that just got left behind.


I threw in a John Lennon Rock & Roll track, a then-rare Lennon track and a George song.

I've always loved the Venus & Mars album. It was one of my earliest McCartney albums in my youth. But there was a curious pattern going on here. The Beatles were recording some retro-like Rock and Roll music. John's Rock and Roll album was a covers album, and Venus & Mars celebrated rock history. George revamped an old Beatles song and it all had an underbelly of oldies Rock and Roll, which led to the album, Can't Catch Me, which intergrates the Lennon Rock and Roll album with more oldies by Ringo ("Only You" and "Hey Baby").

Can't Catch Me is not a great or classic album, but does have classic tracks, "Silly Love Songs", "This Song" and "Let 'Em In" and the Ringo opener, "A Dose Of Rock and Roll" lays out the concept.

This is an actual live album. I made this collection that can be burned easily to CD or even onto vinyl LPs. I crossfaded audience applause and "remastered" tracks to be more evenly EQ'd. I made it a 3-LP (or 2-CD) set to comply with Paul's Wings Over America record, which was also a 3-LP set. Sources included that Wings Over America, Concert For Bangladesh and John Lennon Live in New York CIty. I was appreciative that many pre-solo songs were performed along with solo stuff which made the fantasy album very realistic.

The cover is a photoshopped job, obviously, but found on the internet. Not my work. The label is a very old classic Capitol style I thought would be classy. But I was lazy to print up both sides so I just made one-side labels.

This is the closest you'll ever get to a Beatles concert post-1966 (or rooftop). You have the addition of Yoko Ono and Linda McCartney, additional guitars by Denny Laine and 29 songs that run for 1 hour and 46 minutes.

A Little Luck was not going to be a "Beatles" release. I originally intended on making it more of a McCartney solo release, but some of George's releases up in around this time fit so well. It's uneven about as much as the original Wings release of it but does have a few shining moments, "Beautiful Girl" and "Waterspout" being two of them.

Back To The Egg is one my all-time favorite albums - STILL! Since I got my precious copy in 1979 at the age of 11, I've been inamoured with this record. "Blow Away" was / is my favorite George tune and with that, and the excellent "If You Believe" and "Love Comes To Everyone", this is one of my favorite records in the fantasy universe.

It wasn't rare for The Beatles to put out a Christmas record, but as solo artists it was a little more rare, but it did happen. So it was time to give them all a home together. This is a 2-LP set and has all of the 60s Christmas records and solo tracks; "Wonderful Christmastime", "Happy X-Mas (War Is Over)", "Ding Dong, Ding Dong" and a Paul b-side. To fill in the empty space, I gave the record the Wintery cut, "The Broadcast" and edited all of Back To The Egg's "broadcasty" moments into one track.

Okay, this one deserves an explanation. Some of you will get it right away, but others might not. The Plastic Macs were a ficticious band Paul put together for the video for, "Coming Up". The Plastic Macs was an obvious take on John's Plastic Ono Band, and John made mention of it to Paul with a laugh. But it also was a slight nod to Rubber Soul where at the end of a recording session, Paul ends the song with, "plastic soul, man". This turned into Rubber Soul, but the "plastic" part of it was stolen by John and then taken back for the one 1980 video by Paul.

I was stumped on what to do with "Coming Up". Originally just leave it as a Paul solo cut and give him his McCartney II album, but it kind of gelled and came together in the form that you see here. And I liked it. John contributed minimally with some demo work that was fleshed out enough to be a track. But in the end, I invented a series of Plastic Mac records that will someday include Sean Lennon, Yoko Ono and others. You'll see it when you scroll down.

This album was going to be the next-to-last as it was a return for John and I mixed up all I had from all four, with Paul being the hardest. I refused but eventually gave in to adding the '79 cuts, "Daytime Nighttime Suffering" and still don't like it being here, but it works... kinda. John's Double Fantasy songs were detrimental and everything was placed around those songs.

And this was intended to be the last of all fantasy Beatles - until 1995 rolled around and this became an issue again. But I managed to just mix up the Milk & Honey tracks and the excellent Tug Of War. But what I ended up loving most was Ringo's "Picture Show Life" and George's "Flying Hour" to make this another of the Top 5 favorites of Beatle fantasy records.

Paul had plenty of good tracks left over from the last two fantasy albums to formulate his next solo set, and this set has a great little connection - the duets. The two Michael Jacksons, the Stevie Wonder and Carl Perkins makes this more of solo album than the original.

I have to be quick due to space limitations ... Julian Lennon was asked to join and he did and it works. His contributions fit perfectly and in many ways might have been what John composed had he lived.

Very little can be said for these albums. Some songs work and some don't. But in the end it appears that The Beatles succumb to the 80s empty Fairlight CMI music style of pop music here on this album. Not a great set, but has it's moments.

Why this is called, Return to Pepperland is a mystery. But these beautiful outtakes, make up an amazing album. Some songs are squid-like, some are 80s epitome, but Paul worked out some great melodies, including the oddly-considered track, "Return To Pepperland".

Considered for this project was the leftovers from anything Paul had recorded since 1980. The Give My Regards tracks were a heavy consideration as like a Paul revival of early Beatles songs. But they are best left unheard. 

This is great album and an unconventional set seeing how far apart George's Cloud Nine and Paul's Flowers In The Dirt, and even worse, Ringo's Time Takes Time. This a course of 5 years between all member's albums. But they all fit so well. And I gave "Got My Mind Set On You" a single "Beatles" release in 1987 and Traveling Wilburys stuff somewhat in the fold. But that never got fleshed out properly.

Weight of the World is a good album. Not on a Beatle level. Like not like a Band On The Run kind of level, but it is a good album. So many great flavors, sounds and familiar voices. And truly, it can get into you enough to make you miss the John Lennon contribution.

So we come back to the old Plastic Macs side project and this time it includes Yoko Ono and Sean Lennon. Also in the fold is Linda, Julien Lennon and Ringo on this one. It's an odd collection but a very interesting one. Plus, to be honest, it's the only place Sean fits in.

It worked as an EP kind of thing, but after George's Brainwashed album in 2002, I backpedeled a bit and brought together the return of John with the end of George and Paul and Ringo to tie it all up and I think it worked rather well.So this, like Devil's Radio, is a several-year collection to bring together the best fantasy Beatles release, dating back from 1997 up to 2002, almost exactly ten years later since we did that for Devil's Radio. Side Two's "Beautiful Night" side is a medley I made and worked very well. The edits are in the violins and orchestrations until "Beautiful Nights" turns into "Free As A Bird" in an obvious edit and then closing with yet, another obvious edit.

This is the Plastic MacOno Band's second album, but the third in the "Plastic" side projects. This one includes Allen Ginsburg's "Skeleton" poem to Paul's music. Very odd. Just like the cover and other things. This one is more fun than it is good.

I had to take the leftovers from the fantasy "Beautiful Nights album with real-life Brainwashed stuff in order to make this album and it still turned out to be a great album. Well, some of Paul's music here is not his best, as any historian will tell you. But you know what? They work well enough to feel like this ithe new phase of Beatles work. The new Millennial Beatles. It's a sound you will hear on following albums. George balanced out Paul nicely here and in the end turned out to be a decent record.

I absolutely LOVE this album. It is my #1 Beatles fantasy album, even more than All Things Must Pass and Imagine. This is a nostalgic record with moments referring to The White Album and just the British charm of the Beatles and their upbringing. It rocks in places and  is soft and beautiful in others. It's a solid record - a nostalgic record and is the one I listen to the most as an album.

Paul had more songs from the Chaos era and there was enough to fill an album. So we gave Paul another solo album and it's actually his best to date. The songs are a great collection of Paul's later life composing period with one song repeated from the fantasy Love & Chaos set.


"Whole Life" here is the original version Paul wrote and it's one of his better songs in real life. The Love & Chaos version is a remix that rocks a bit harder. It seems like I should have traded the placements but they work either way.

House Of Wax has been deleted many times in the fantasy Beatles cannon. As a matter of fact, Love & Chaos has been their last album for many years, but Ringo started a push towards some substantial work again and Paul's Memory Almost Full was a good album. So at times this album will pop back into my list of fantasy what-if records.

There was a time where I considered this material to be a basis for another Plastic Macs side project, but I found enough material to split the projects up. Plus, there was no Yoko material at this time. She will return in 2009 for the next album...

Again, the Plastic Mac projects appears and it's really cool. It's a very cool record, if I'm honest. Yoko shines more than her recording past. Yes, it's Yoko, but it's The Plastic Macs, a band that has Yoko in it. Her son Sean dominates here more than ever and Paul has a few good moments, but overall this would appear to be a Lennon mother and son record. 

And by the way, this is a little different than previous records, whereas you have The Plastic Macs, and then The Plastic Mac Ono Band and here you have The Plastic Macono Band where the line up has changed to add James McCartney. But the chemistry of Paul and son aren't as obvious as Yoko and Sean.

But of all of the "Plastic" projects, this is probably the best of them all. I'm a big fan of the McCartney tracks, "Appreciate" and "Everybody Out There" and the James McCartney songs here are very cool. Not good, but cool. Sean is a little bit bad ass here and Yoko is still just Yoko but more fitting here.

So when Egypt Station was released, I knew it would be half filled with great stuff and other duds. And I was right. So I took the best and filled it in a bowl of Ringo stuff and mixed and voila! A decent record. I added some Dhani Harrison and it got better. So this is another of the "pretty decent but not amazing" records.

Last Call is just an outtake of Egypt Station, however, as most McCartney fans know, some of the unreleased album cuts are better than the released album cuts. "Frank Sinatra's Party" and "Sixty Second Street" are examples. There is also new Ringo music and some Dhani contributions, making this a much better album then Egypt Station.

JohnYoko DISPLAY side 1.png
PlasticMacs II DISPLAY SIDE 1.png

The Anthology series came and with it came a new perspective. I was fine making Plastic Mac records. But with Paul making Flaming Pie and the Anthology thing, it was inevitable that we reunited in fantasy land, too. And back in 1995/96, I let it go for the longest time but I wanted to somehow collect the Anthology songs with Paul's newly inspired Pie album.

And then Paul McCartney released his McCartney III and it was a good time to mix that with Ringo to make a Plastic Macs II, which is the joke because, like McCartney III, this is also The Plastic Macs III (without the Ono stuff inserted). But as it were, the line up consists of just Paul and Ringo and it, like McCartney III is not a fitting ending to a legacy unlike anything else we've ever said. We are hoping new material will come out to make one last fantasy Beatles album. But as it stands now, this is it :) 

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