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The Beatles' Story

US Release: November 23, 1964

Capitol Records

Produced by: John Babcock, Roger Christian, and Al Wiman (documentary), George Martin (music) *

Side One


  1. On Stage with the Beatles

  2. How Beatlemania Began

  3. Beatlemania in Action

  4. Man Behind the Beatles – Brian Epstein

  5. John Lennon

  6. Who's a Millionaire?


Side Two


  1. Beatles Will Be Beatles

  2. Man Behind the Music – George Martin

  3. George Harrison

Side Three


  1. A Hard Day's Night – Their First Movie

  2. Paul McCartney

  3. Sneaky Haircuts and More About Paul


Side Four


  1. The Beatles Look at Life

  2. Victims' of Beatlemania

  3. Beatle Medley

  4. Ringo Starr

  5. Liverpool and All the World!

* courtesy of Wikipedia


An official Capitol release for the U.S. market, The Beatles' Story  was made as a retort to Vee-Jay Records' Hear The Beatles Tell All album, released in September 14, 1964 [according to the website, JPGR]. This is obviously a war that Vee-Jay Records will lose, considering this album will actually hit #7 on the Billboard album charts and get a remaster release with The U.S. Albums box set in 2014.


* Originally, Capitol Records intended to release the group's 1964 performance at the Hollywood Bowl, but due to a lack of advanced studio technology and the excessive amount of loud screaming fans on tape, the album was shelved.


Another plan was to release a 2 LP 'Greatest Hits' album for the Christmas market. Four songs were to make their Capitol debut on this album: "A Hard Day's Night," "Misery," "There's a Place," and "From Me to You." The album was compiled, but never issued. [See Wikipedia for more]

US Release: September 14, 1964

Vee-Jay Pro 202

UK Release: February 20, 1981

Charly CRV 202

Produced by: Unknown (quite possibly Dave Hull and Jim Steck)

Side 1


John talks to Jim Steck in Los Angeles on 24th August 1964


  • The Crowd At The Hollywood Bowl

  • Commercial Radio

  • Origin of the Name, The Beatles

  • Long Hair

  • Skiffle/Forming the Band

  • Future Plans

  • Educational Background and Scholastic Failures

  • The Housing of Liverpool

Side 2


The interviews are conducted on 25th August 1964 by Dave Hull


  • Paul – Jane Asher and Her family

  • John – Wife Having a Baby

  • George – His Mother Answering Fan's Letters/Patti Boyd

  • Paul – Giving Away Addresses

  • John – A Hard Day's Night/New House in Surrey

  • Ringo – Throat Operation

  • Paul - His Dad's Racehorse, “Drake's Drum”

  • Ringo – Maureen/Disneyland

  • George – Disneyland

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