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Hey Jude

US Release: February 26, 1970

Apple SO-385/SW-385

UK Release: May 11, 1979

Parlophone PCS 7184

Produced by: George Martin

Side One


  1. Can't Buy Me Love

  2. I Should Have Known Better

  3. Paperback Writer

  4. Rain

  5. Lady Madonna

  6. Revolution

Much like the extended U.S. version of 1967's Magical Mystery Tour, Hey Jude  was released to place singles into an album form. And also like Magical Mystery Tour, it contains both hit singles and their B-Sides, namely "Rain", "Revolution" and "Old Brown Shoe"


The compilation was a product of Apple Records, but not requested by Capitol Records and originally had the proposed title of, The Beatles Again. Sometimes you'll hear it referred to this title, but it is not official as it was listed officially as Hey Jude. The confusion comes from the earliest pressings adding The Beatles Again  on the labels. The title was changed to Hey Jude  after some copies were pressed.


Story goes that Let It Be  was being held back, arguably regarding the final mixes when it was to be produced by Glynn Johns and was originally to be titled Get Back. However, by the time Phil Spector was enlisted for the final production of Let It Be, Hey Jude  would get its release date of February 26, 1970 in the U.S. only.


Despite the U.S. release date, the U.K. market wouldn't see the album officially released until 1979. Hey Jude  would finally get a CD reissue release on 2014's box set, The U.S. Albums.

Side Two


  1. Hey Jude

  2. Old Brown Shoe

  3. Don't Let Me Down

  4. The Ballad of John and Yoko

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