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The Beatles At The Hollywood Bowl

US Release: May 4, 1977

Capitol SMAS-11638

UK Release: May 6, 1977

Parlophone EMTV 4

Produced by: George Martin

Side One


  1. Twist and Shout

  2. She's a Woman

  3. Dizzy, Miss Lizzy

  4. Ticket to Ride

  5. Can't Buy Me Love

  6. Things We Said Today

  7. Roll Over Beethoven

The concept was well intended, but the product, as historic as it was, came off as a bad idea in the end. While The Beatles performances were excellent, and the sound quality of their performance was decent, the screaming girls in the audience made for an ear-piercing listen. Technology at the time had no way of drowning them out, like they do today. 


But in 1977 this was still a treaure to many fans and collectors as it had been the first official live album for The Beatles. And as it were, The Beatles were one of very few to have a live album out in the 60's. But since 1977, Capitol and Parlophone Records has released a couple of attempts to make up for the unfortunate sound quality issue in the way of extra stellar releases, The Beatles At The BBC on two volumes in 1994 and 2013.

When I originally made this page, the 2016 album, Live At The Hollywood Bowl had yet to be released. I will update this page in time to include that said release.

Side Two


  1. Boys

  2. A Hard Day's Night

  3. Help!

  4. All My Loving

  5. She Loves You

  6. Long Tall Sally

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