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Let It Be

US Release: May 8, 1970 (Box Set) ● Apple Records PXS 1

UK & US Release: November 6, 1970 (Standard Release)

US Apple AR 34001

UK Apple PCS 7096

Produced by: Phil Spector

with George Martin

Side One


  1. Two of Us

  2. Dig a Pony

  3. Across the Universe

  4. I Me Mine

  5. Dig It

  6. Let It Be

  7. Maggie Mae

Despite the Beatles distaste for the over-produced orchestral quality of the album, the song selection is still steller - outside of the mish-mash of thrown-together pastiches of unfinished works - namely, "Dig It" and "Maggie Mae" and the cold ending of "Get Back", this album still had its memorable moments. Some underrated cuts are being hailed recently as classics, namely; "I Dig A Pony", "Two Of Us" and "I've Got A Feeling".


Of course, the album isn't without its criticism, mostly the chatter between songs giving the album a sloppy production feel and the horribly rough edits for the guitar solo in "Let It Be".


But the biggest criticism is Phil Spector's overuse for the final master of "The Long And Winding Road". Despite the single hitting #1 in the U.S., the song was inspiration for Capitol to remix the entire album in 2003 in the form of Let It Be...Naked.


However, Let It Be  hit #1 in most countries and sold well into the millions. And in the U.K. it was originally released as a box set, complete with a booklet of photos that accompanied the record.

Side Two


  1. I've Got a Feeling

  2. One After 909

  3. The Long and Winding Road

  4. For You Blue

  5. Get Back

A film was made to document the sessions, but proved to be distateful to many fans (back then) and most involved in the Beatles circle. However now, the film is highly sought after and posted in its VHS tape form. Many DVD bootlegs exist using those old VHS masters, but is promised to never be officially released on DVD as long as Paul McCartney or Yoko Ono is alive. This is mostly due to the tension between all four band members, the quitting of George Harrison during the sessions, and the semi-disastrous rooftop concert atop of the Savelle Row building in London. But, of course, devoted Beatle fans appreciated the film and rooftop concert. The Let It Be  movie is one of the most request Beatle artifacts ever.

Let It Be... Naked

UK Release: November 17, 2003

Apple 595 4380 (Box LP) ● Apple 595 7132 (CD)

US Release: November 18, 2003

Capitol CDP-5-95713-2



  1. Get Back

  2. Dig a Pony

  3. For You Blue

  4. The Long and Winding Road

  5. Two of Us

  6. I've Got a Feeling

  7. One After 909

  8. Don't Let Me Down

  9. I Me Mine

  10. Across the Universe

  11. Let It Be

CD TWO: Bonus Disc


Fly On The Wall:

Sun King  |  Don't Let Me Down

One After 909  |  Because I Know You Love Me So Don't Pass Me By  |  Taking a Trip to Carolina

John's Piano Piece  |  Child of Nature  |  Back in the U.S.S.R.  |  Every Little Thing  |  Don't Let Me Down  All Things Must Pass  |  John's Jam  |  She Came In Through the Bathroom Window  |  Paul's Bass Jam  Paul's Piano Piece  |  Get Back  |  Two of Us

Maggie Mae  |  Fancy My Chances with You  |  Can You Dig It?  |  Get Back

To some, this 2003 CD was unnecesary, as an official Beatles album release, but in other circles this was a much needed release, as it stripped clear all of Phil Spector's over-produced final mixes on the original 1970 release. In most ways, this album helps to show The Beatles true talents as songwriters and performers without all of the fluff, and breathing new life in those original 1970 tracks. But in the end, most fans simply appreciated the orginality of the 1970 Let It Be  album and overall prefer it not be tampered with.


But some notable moments that are appreciated are the sound quality mixes of such tracks as, "Across The Universe" and "The Long And Winding Road", among others - depending on who you talk to. I personally was impressed with the remaster of my favorite tracks, "One After 909" and "I Me Mine" but found a new appreciation for "I've Got A Feeling" and "I Dig A Pony" more through this release over the original album.


Naked  only hit #1 in Mexico and #2 in Japan. Outside of that the album didn't fare much better, hitting #5 in the U.S. and #7 in the U.K. The album did hit Top Ten in many countries and sold upward of 1.2 million copies in the U.S. and about 500,000 in Japan (no record of its U.K. sales are available as of now).

Some may argue that Let It Be... Naked  might be the closest idea to how Get Back  was supposed to have sounded, minus a few cuts that would have taken away from the idea of stripping down the already famous 1970 Let It Be  album. 


One notable inclusion of the proposed Get Back  album is the song, "Teddy Boy", which can be found on the 1996 CD, Anthology 3, but is most notable as a Paul McCartney track recorded for his debut solo album, McCartney  in 1970.


A great article was written for the website, The Source, which goes deeper into the history and specifics of Get Back . Check it out HERE.

Get Back

This album remains unreleased. Cover is based on bootleg release or fan made.


Get Back  was a proposed album by Apple Records and to be produced by Glyn Johns. The album's track listing had gone through a couple variations, remaining relately the same in most proposals but with different order and different mixes. But primarily it was a proposal that ended up being the Let It Be  album, finally produced by famed producer, Phil Spector.


With a quick internet search, original track listings can be found and many of those mixes are available as bootlegs.


Other than Glyn Johns set as producer, John Barrett was also slated to produce the album at one time. His concept for the production was set to include these tracks:




  1. One After 909

  2. Rocker

  3. Save The Last Dance

  4. Don't Let Me Down

  5. Dig A Pony

  6. I've Got A Feeling

  7. Get Back



The Glyn Johns version didn't stray far from that concept. And as you can see, the Phil Spector version also came close to this line-up of songs. One main exception would have been the full length cut of "Maggie Mae" and quite possibly the full length version of "Dig It", which has seen plenty of coverage on bootlegs and on the internet.



  1. For You Blue

  2. Teddy Boy

  3. Two Of Us

  4. Maggie May

  5. Dig It

  6. Let It Be

  7. The Long And Winding Road

  8. Get Back (Reprise)

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