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UK Release: August 5, 1966

UK: Parlophone Records PMC 7009 (Mono) ● PCS 7009 (Stereo)

Side One


  1. Taxman

  2. Eleanor Rigby

  3. I'm Only Sleeping

  4. Love You To

  5. Here, There and Everywhere

  6. Yellow Submarine

  7. She Said She Said



“Yellow Submarine”

  • Brian Jones – background vocals

  • Donovan – background vocals

  • Mal Evans – bass drum and background vocals

  • Marianne Faithfull – background vocals

  • Neil Aspinall – background vocals

  • Pattie Boyd – background vocals

“Love You To”

  • Anil Bhagwat – tabla

“For No One”

  • Alan Civil – French horn

“Eleanor Rigby” (orchestrated and conducted by George Martin)

  • Violins: Tony Gilbert, Sidney Sax, John Sharpe, Jurgen Hess

  • Violas: Stephen Shingles, John Underwood

  • Cellos: Derek Simpson, Norman Jones

“Got To Get You Into My Life” (orchestrated and conducted by George Martin)

  • Trumpets: Eddie Thornton, Ian Hamer, Les Condon

  • Tenor Saxophone: Peter Coe, Alan Branscombe


  • Geoff Emerick – tape loops of the marching band on “Yellow Submarine”

  • George Martin – piano on “Good Day Sunshine” and “Tomorrow Never Knows”; Hammond organ on “Got to Get You into My Life”; tape loops of the marching band on “Yellow Submarine

Side Two


  1. Good Day Sunshine

  2. And Your Bird Can Sing

  3. For No One

  4. Doctor Robert

  5. I Want to Tell You

  6. Got to Get You into My Life

  7. Tomorrow Never Knows

US version omits tracks, “I’m Only Sleeping”, “Doctor Robert” and “And Your Bird Can Sing” due to these songs been released on Yesterday And Today  earlier in the year. These songs were not replaced with any other former track. This reduced the amount of John Lennon’s writing contribution to the album.


This is the last varied album for the remainder of the Beatles career. All albums from here on out will be identical releases in Europe and North America.


From Wikipedia:

The album's Grammy Award-winning cover design was created by Klaus Voormann, one of the Beatles' friends from their fledgling years in Hamburg. In the UK, Revolver‍‍ '​‍s 14 tracks were released to radio stations throughout July 1966, with the music signifying what author Ian MacDonald later described as "a radical new phase in the group's recording career".

Side One


  1. Taxman

  2. Eleanor Rigby

  3. Love You To

  4. Here, There And Everywhere

  5. Yellow Submarine

  6. She Said She Said

Side Two


  1. Good Day Sunshine

  2. For No One

  3. I Want To Tell You

  4. Got To Get You Into My Life

  5. Tomorrow Never Knows


US Release: August 8, 1966

Capitol Records ST 2576 (Stereo) ● Capitol T 2576 (Mono)

Produced by: George Martin

The album spent 34 weeks on the UK Albums Chart, reaching the number one spot on August 13th. Reduced to eleven songs for the North American market. The Revolver U.S. release coincided with the Beatles' final concert tour and the controversy surrounding John Lennon's statement that the group had become "bigger than Jesus". In America, the album topped the Billboard Top LPs listings for six weeks.

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