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Something New

US Release: July 10, 1964

Capitol Records (S)T 2018

Produced by: George Martin

Side One


  1. I'll Cry Instead

  2. Things We Said Today

  3. Any Time at All

  4. When I Get Home

  5. Slow Down

  6. Matchbox


Culled from the tracks from the U.K. release, A Hard Day's Night and the U.K. E.P., Long Tall Sally, released a month before. Plus the German language version of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" was included - although the German language version of "She Loves You" is an odd ommission, considering side two of Something New  is one track short of the typical 12-song standard for albums during this era.

Side Two


  1. Tell Me Why

  2. And I Love Her

  3. I'm Happy Just to Dance with You

  4. If I Fell

  5. Komm, Gib Mir Deine Hand

The other two songs from the U.K. E.P., Long Tall Sally were the title track and "I Call Your Name", which both had already been released on the former The Beatles' Second Album. Something New is officially The Beatles' 3rd U.S. album, not including the Vee-Jay or Polydor releases and cleans up all of the songs released in 1964 before the U.K. next release, The Beatles For Sale  will get a 1965 release. 


Something New  would hit the U.S. Billboard album charts at #2, but go on to sell over 1.4 million copies by the end of the 60's.


"I'll Cry instead" is different depending on whether you bought the Stereo or the Mono version. The Stereo version is shorter, missing a third verse and clocks in at 1:49. The mono version has that third verse and clocks in at 2:09. Also mentionable is this version of "And I Love Her" does not feature Paul's double-tracked vocals.


"Any Time At All" has a slightly varied mix on this album. It comes during the instrumental bridge. These variations will be released on the Capitol box set, The Capitol Albums, Vol. 1 - however, the variation of "And I Love Her", which is also extended slightly here, will be reissued in 1980 on the Rarities album.

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