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The Vinyl Museum presents the Top 30 Greatest Songs of All-Time, an on-air show that counts down 30 songs considered the "30 greatest" of each subject, whether the subject be certain years of the 70s and 80s, or subject worth counting down, including One-Hit Wonders for starters.

To purchase this show, please use the contact form on the "contact" page and inquire about the purchase. 

This program presented on this page, like all programs, is roughly 2 hours and 30 minutes without local ad blocks. Stations are given up to 4:00 each hour for local ad blocks with two segments per half hour so you can split your breaks or play them all in one single block. If the station does not have any sponsored ads to play, or ad block for these programs, we can provide PSAs to pad your hour. 

Presented here on this page is our newest program, The Top 30 Greatest Songs of All-Time, the One Hit Wonders edition (all programs will be labeled as such). The formatting will be the same for all programs in that there will be four segments an hour. Each 30 minutes have the first segment float, but the second segment will end precisely at the 27:00 mark for the first half hour and the 54:00 mark for the second segment.


John Michaelson will give a quick trivia or fact about each song. Each hour can get up to 12 songs per hour, but usually comfortable with 10 songs per hour, so every so often bonus songs not in the countdown may be added. 

The Vinyl Museum's Top 30 Greatest Songs of All-Time are independent of any radio or broadcasting organization or company, and is owned and operated independently by The Vinyl Museum Dot Net and John Michaelson. 

The Top 30 Greatest Songs of All-Time:

Produced by:

  • Joanne Chisholm & John Michaelson

Engineered by:

  • Brian Wheat

Continuity & Research by:

  • John Michaelson & Marilyn Johnson

Voice Imaging by:

  • Keith Parnell & Lisa Rivers

Show Host:

  • John Michaelson

Music by:

  • Wherefore Art, LTD.

NEXT UP: The Top 30 Greatest Songs of All-Time, The CLASSIC ROCK edition. NOTE: We have dummied up older dead ads for aesthetic reasons only. This show is not fully sponsored by all advertisers.

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