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Tomorrow Never Knows

iTunes Download Only Release: July 24, 2012



Revolution (3:25)

Paperback Writer (2:19)

And Your Bird Can Sing (1:59)

Helter Skelter (4:31)

Savoy Truffle + (2:54)

I'm Down (2:32)

I've Got a Feeling * (3:38)




Back in the U.S.S.R. (2:44)

You Can't Do That (2:35)

It's All Too Much + (6:26)

She Said She Said (2:36)

Hey Bulldog (3:11)

Tomorrow Never Knows (2:59)

The End ** (2:52)

An iTunes exclusive release, this set highlights the band's influence on the history of rock music. And it further exposes the idea of just how influential and how genius The Beatles were. And the real brilliance of the set was to call the set, and add the track, "Tomorrow Never Knows", which shows just how versatile the Beatles music actually was.


Redundancy is not necessarily the key here for a new generation to experience The Beatles beyond being a video game. This is actually an excellent collection for a new generation. The selection is reminiscent of 1976's Rock N' Roll Music, Even down to the addition of the Yellow Submarine  tracks, "It's All Too Much" and "Hey Bulldog", two of the most underrated and overlooked songs in the Beatles cannon - and maybe even in rock history.


One glaring omission was the track, "Bad Boy", which was included on the Rock N' Roll Music  album. But this album does exactly what it's intended to do - show the new generations just what kind of rock band The Beatles were and how they influenced many of today's notable rock artists - most prominently would be Dave Grohl, of Nirvana and Foo Fighters, who shows his appreciation for The Beatles often.


Apple did Not officially released this on Vinyl or CD, despite its 'bootleg-ish' artwork. This actually appears to be an exciting kind of record to buy, open up, pull out and slap down on a turntable. The song selection is solid and the inclusion of the "Naked"  version of "I Got A Feeling" and the Anthology  version of "The End" makes this album unique.

* NOTE: Let It Be... Naked version

** NOTE: Anthology 3 version

All songs written by Lennon/McCartney, except + Written by George Harrison

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