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A Hard Day's Night

UK Release: July 10, 1964

Parlophone Records PMC 1230

Produced by: George Martin

Side One


  1. A Hard Day's Night

  2. I Should Have Known Better

  3. If I Fell

  4. I'm Happy Just to Dance with You

  5. And I Love Her

  6. Tell Me Why

  7. Can't Buy Me Love


Additional Musicians: 

George Martin on piano  |  Norman Smith on bongos for “A Hard Day's Night”

Side Two


  1. Any Time at All

  2. I'll Cry Instead

  3. Things We Said Today

  4. When I Get Home

  5. You Can't Do That

  6. I'll Be Back

US Release: June 26, 1964

United Artists Records UAL 3366

Produced by: George Martin

Side One


  1. A Hard Day's Night

  2. Tell Me Why

  3. I'll Cry Instead

  4. I Should Have Known Better *

  5. I'm Happy Just to Dance with You

  6. And I Love Her *


Songs indicated with * are Instrumental versions by George Martin and his orchestra used for the movie score but still credited to Lennon/McCartney.

Side Two


  1. I Should Have Known Better

  2. If I Fell

  3. And I Love Her

  4. Ringo's Theme (This Boy) *

  5. Can't Buy Me Love

  6. A Hard Day's Night *

A Hard Day's Night, in the U.K., was their third official release. Not seen as a soundtrack album, the U.S. version is their fourth album and is considered an official Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. United Artists Records owned the rights due to the film's distribution, but the legal distribution rights were regained by Capitol Records in 1980.

So far in the U.S., Beatles releases were: Meet The Beatles, The Beatles' Second Album  and A Hard Day's Night (soundtrack). Of course this does not count any of the six Vee-Jay Records releases and Polydor's Tony Sheridan releases.


The instrumental tracks were to give the further impression of making this album an Original motion picture Soundtrack, throwing aside recordings from The Beatles to be released at a later date on the album, Something New.


The songs on the official U.K. version that didn't make it on to the U.S. soundtrack, "Can't Buy Me Love", "When I Get Home", "I'll Be Back", "You Can't Do That", "Any Time At All", "Things We Said Today", "You Can't Do That" would be album cuts from Something New, while "Can't Buy Me Love" was a U.S. single release that wouldn't see an album release until Hey Jude  in 1970 ("I Should Have Known Better" would also be released on Hey Jude ).


This would be the first album to have no cover songs and all tracks were written by Lennon/McCartney (it is also the only U.K. release thus far not to feature any George Harrison songs, even though he would sing lead on "I'm Happy Just To Dance With You").

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