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The Vinyl Museum is now a "radio shift", or radio show now, and will be added to the daily broadcast evenings from 8 to Midnight Monday through Friday. We are expanding the daily music to add more music from Pop, Top 40 hit music, rebranding ourselves as Classic Hits, which includes Classic Rock, and this new program includes this music formatting. 

John Michaelson brings his 30 years of on-air experience and knowledge into each segment, which plays three times an hour mixed with the music already in rotation. 

We will be presenting these programs for on-air use to any station wanting to add these to their line-up, and for exceptional and competitive pricing. Contact us HERE to inquire about pricing nd scheduling.

The music included in each program is a combination of the most known and beloved songs, album cuts, live songs, original 45s, b-sides, lesser known hits, rarities and more. And all of the music is newly remastered from the most current source and top quality masters. 

To the left we've included some sample programs to check out on the fly. 

The on-air clocks floats from 10:00 to 15:00, depending on the music included.

  • A :10 "Vinyl Museum / John Michaelson" liner opens the segment

  • Song #1 plays and then John closes the song and opens the next song

  • Song #2 plays and is crossed with Song #3

  • John closes the segment out of Song #3

  • Segment closes cold with John's voice

These segments are all professionally edited and produced with the highest grade music sources available, all songs digitally remastered by our own production staff and are broadcast grade quality.

These programs are ready for on-air broadcast and will fit with any Classic Hits format and are delivered right to your FTP, Dropbox or any cloud service you use. We also deliver to email accounts as well. And once demand increases, we will provide these programs for downloading directly here from the site.

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